Grades 4-6 (Ages 9-11)

Bookworms Club


Bookworms is a book club specifically for students in grades 4-6. We’ll meet two times a month from September 12 - December 9.

In each virtual meeting, we'll discuss a designated book and participate in optional related activities. (See Book List below.)

Bookworm members who read or listen to the current book before our meetings will be ready to engage and connect. We hope you’ll join us for an exciting reading adventure!

Book List:

1st Semester: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Esperanza Rising, Frindle

Membership Requirements

  • This club is for students in grades 4-6.

  • Members must have access to and read the suggested book before the club meeting each month.

  • Be kind and courteous. Always use appropriate language. No hate speech or bullying.

Club Advisors

Heather Colburn

I have always wanted to be a writer, but until then, I spend most of my free time reading books by amazing authors!

Olivia Burr

Reading books with my children is one of my favorite pastimes. I would love to be a children's librarian!

Parent Advisors are requested to assist with breakout rooms during club meetings.

Contact us

If you have questions, please reach out!