Grade 9 - 12 (Age 14 - 18)

College for America

College for America is a regionally accredited, competency-based program offered through Southern New Hampshire University. It was recently named one of the five leading innovative programs in Higher Ed.

Students are required to complete an assessment and sample project before enrolling in College for America here. Please note deadlines for assessment and project submission.

List of Competencies and course descriptions for an Associate of Arts (A.A.) in General Studies with an emphasis on Business.

This full-schedule option is available to students in grades 9-12 who show college readiness and fills Periods 2-6 in your student’s schedule.


  • Tuition costs for College for America will reduce a student’s Technology Allowance by $200, leaving $300.

  • Students may choose a Technology Allowance or an Optional Period 7 course.
    • Students may participate in one On-site Split Enrollment class at their local boundary school (with local school permission) in Optional Period 7. This option will use the remaining Technology Allowance.


  • Tuition costs for College for America will reduce a student’s Technology Allowance by $200, leaving $1200.

Students do not need to take an additional Tech class as it’s part of the program.

Additional Information


Q: What are the assignments like?

A: Assignments are project-based. Students will PowerPoints, surveys, presentations, and business proposals.

Q: What is the difference between Snow College and CfA?

A: Both programs are self-paced and mastery-based. The main differences are the content and assignments in each program. Also, there is an opportunity for students to earn a High School Diploma with the Snow Online option. However, students who finish their Associate Degree with College for America could choose to work on their Bachelor's while still enrolled with My Tech High. So there are pros and cons to each

Q: When can my student participate in the new Snow College Online option or College for America from SNHU?

A: If they are ready for college work, students can participate in Snow College Online or College for America from SNHU as early as 9th grade. They also have the option of starting in their 10th, 11th, or 12th-grade years. Students will complete and submit a sample project specific to either College for America or Snow Online in order to be recommended for these college programs.

Q: How will I know what classes to choose for my student in College for America?

A: The College for America program maps out its courses in a sequential format for the student. Students will have access to 12 competencies (projects) at a time. Additional courses will be unlocked upon completion.

Q: Can my student transfer from College for America to Snow College Online?

A: Yes, College for America students who are interested in changing programs can transfer to Snow College Online. Currently, all credits will transfer and you can refer to this document here.

Q: How do students in College for America or Snow College Online report on their Learning Logs?

A: Students will share a 3-5 sentence highlight of their week for each Learning Log.

Q: What if the full-schedule program I have chosen, either CfA or Snow, isn’t a good fit for my student?

A: College for America and Snow Online each have a 14-day trial period. Your student may withdraw during this period without issue.

Q: How many course credits can students earn each year through Snow Online or the College for America program at Southern New Hampshire University?

A: Students work at their own pace to complete as many credits as they can each year.

Q: Both College for America and Snow Online are self-paced and competency-based. Is there a minimum requirement to stay enrolled?

A: College for America students need to complete a minimum of six projects (competencies) per term. Snow Online students will need to complete a minimum of six credits (two classes) each semester.

Q: Could my son/daughter do just one year of College of America or Snow Online and receive some college credit?

A: Absolutely! Pending the receiving institution’s policy, early college credits may transfer individually to the college or university of their choice.

Q: Could a student just take one College for America or Snow Online “class”?

A: No; College for America and Snow Online are both My Tech High full-schedule programs that fill Periods 2 - 6. With both options, students also have a full Technology Allowance which can be used towards a class in optional Period 7, if desired. Students can take just one class with any other early college credit option. See Parent Link for details.

Q: How do I select the Full-schedule College for America option in Schedule Builder?

A: For the core subjects please select the course option with "College" listed before (i.e. College Math). In Period 5 under Technology, select Computer Technology. In Period 6 under Career and Technical Education select Career Awareness. Under each course select “My Tech High Direct” to reveal the Full-schedule College for America option.

Q: What if my student finishes their Bottega / College for America / Snow Online program before their senior year?

A: Students who finish their selected program have the option of choosing another program or personalized curriculum until they finish high school. College for America from Southern New Hampshire University also offers three Bachelors programs that may be of interest to your student.

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