Intermediate Trep – Shark Tank-style

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn what an entrepreneur is and why you might want to become one
  • Analyze “Shark Tank” episodes to learn principles such as revenue, profit, and demand
  • Market and promote your company’s brand image
  • Prepare a business for a successful launch

System Requirements

  • Energy and enthusiasm!

Utah-Residents_0204_03   Support From Expert Instructors

Utah-Residents_0204_06   Satisfaction Guarantee

Since I was 10 I have known I wanted to go into Business. I started a memorization board company that I invested $100 and profited 5x in the 3 months of productions. It was a fun little business adventure. Then at age 12 I moved to St. George, UT and started a service group called Shnazzy Up!

Sterling, 16