Business Startup Academy

Limited Space Available in Orem

Do you want to learn how to express your creativity, come up with good ideas, turn them into a reality, and make money? Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and get inside knowledge of how you can be successful. From creativity activities, research, business modeling, and creating prototypes in the makerspace, to selling your products, you’ll get it all with the Business Launch course.

What You’ll Learn and Do

  • Research and ideate
  • Model your business
  • Receive a 0% interest micro-loan (optional)
  • Work with coaches to build your business
  • Participate in a business startup competition
  • Prepare a business for a successful launch

Course Requirements

  • Energy and enthusiasm to start your own business!
  • Ability to travel weekly to and from the location in Orem
  • Access to Chromebook / laptop

Utah-Residents_0204_03   Support From Expert Instructors

Utah-Residents_0204_06   Satisfaction Guarantee

Since I was 10 I have known I wanted to go into Business. I started a memorization board company that I invested $100 and profited 5x in the 3 months of productions. It was a fun little business adventure. Then at age 12 I moved to St. George, UT and started a service group called Shnazzy Up!

Sterling, 16