Grade 3-6 (age 8 - 11)

Science Club


Science Club is a club geared towards students in grades 3-6. We focus on learning the Scientific Method, Engineering Design Process, and other engaging science topics such as electricity, heredity/animal adaptations-, landforms, and STEM based activities. We emphasize Science based discussion and at-home learning through assignments sent home each month. Our club meetings focus on debriefing the information we learned as well as learning about a new concept!

We have a monthly challenge students can participate in and present at the next club meeting.

September: Get to Know you- Engineering Design Process
October: Genetics - Monster activity
November: Mimicry in animals
December: Chemical and Physical Changes
January: Magnetism
February: Insulators and Conductors
March: STEM- Leprechaun Trap
April: Science Fair

There are two science clubs (Einstein and Curie) running at the same time. They are the same club in two different groups to accommodate more students.

COLORADO STUDENTS: The Einstein club will run during CO Spring Break on March 15th. If you would like to avoid CO Spring Break, sign up for the Curie club.

Membership Requirements

  • 3rd-6th Grade students interested in science.

  • Any supplies needed can be easily found around the house, and advisors will alert students of any supplies they may need before the meeting.

  • Virtual or In-person Science Fair.

  • Students will be invited to submit projects they do for the MTH Newsletter.

Club Advisors:

Amy Lewis
I grew up in Virginia, lived in Utah for 7 years, and currently live in Northern California. I have 2 little boys who keep me very busy! I taught 5th grade for 2 years and science was always my favorite subject. When I'm not teaching I love hiking, swimming, and watching Netflix :)

Megan Jenkins
I love teaching, and have my STEM endorsement! I presented at a few NSTA conferences around the country! I taught 5th grade at a STEM School for 8 years, and now stay home with my 2 soon to be 3 kids!

Susie Cozad
Hi! I am mom to four crazy kiddos. I love glitter, swimming, musicals, crafts, watching my girls cheer, traveling, and so much more. I LOVE science and think Mark Rober is the coolest.

Kelsey Shumway
I grew up in Colorado and currently live in Utah. I've taught 5th grade for 4 years and recently taught 5th and 6th grade science for a year. I love learning about space, reading, and playing board games.

Parent Advisors needed for help in breakout rooms.

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