Grade 9 - 12 (Age 14 - 18)

Snow College Online

Snow College Online offers a regionally accredited Associate of Science (A.S.) degree via a flexible, online, self-directed, mastery-based experience. Courses are supported by Snow College Online faculty and mentors.

This Full-schedule option is available to students in grades 9-12 who show college readiness and fills Periods 2-6 in a student’s schedule. (Students do not need to take an additional Tech class.)

New students must complete this form and an assessment and sample project before enrolling in Snow College Online. Please note the deadline listed for assessment and project submission.


  • Tuition costs for Snow College Online will reduce a student’s Technology Allowance by $200, leaving $300.

  • Students may choose a Technology Allowance or an Optional Period 7 course.
    • Students may participate in one On-site Split Enrollment class at their local boundary school (with local school permission) in Optional Period 7. This option will use the remaining Technology Allowance.

  • Students may be able to earn their Utah High School Diploma along with their completed Snow College Associate degree. See Parent Link for more information.


  • Out-of-state tuition costs for Snow College Online will reduce a student’s Technology Allowance by $1200, leaving $200.

  • Students will not be able to select an Optional Period 7 course.

What you will learn

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Q: When can my student participate in the new Snow College Online option or SNHU?

A: If they are ready for college work, students can participate in Snow College Online or SNHU as early as 9th grade. They also have the option of starting in their 10th, 11th, or 12th grade years. Students will complete and submit a sample project specific to either SNHU or Snow College Online in order to be recommended for the these college programs.

Q: How will I know what classes to choose for my student in Snow College Online?

A: The Snow College Online program maps out their courses in a sequential format for the student. Students will have access to 3-5 courses at a time. Additional courses will be unlocked upon completion.

Q: Can my student transfer from SNHU to Snow College Online?

A: Yes, SNHU students who are interested in changing programs can transfer to Snow College Online. Currently, all credits will transfer and you can refer to this document.

Q: Can my student earn a high school diploma while earning early college credit?

A: Yes! Students who complete the Associate Degree through Snow College Online can also earn their high school diploma from their school of enrollment, pending final approval. Please review this document regarding requirements.

Q: How will the exams for Snow College Online be administered?

A: There’s a possibility that courses will include a proctored exam.

Q: How do students in SNHU or Snow College Online report on their Learning Logs?

A: Students will share a 3-5 sentence highlight of their week for each Learning Log.

Q: What if the full-schedule program I have chosen, either SNHU or Snow College Online, isn’t a good fit for my student?

A: SNHU and Snow College Online each have a 14-day trial period. Your student may withdraw during this period without penalty. Students may also change curriculum at the semester if either of these programs aren’t a good fit.

Q: How many course credits can students earn each year through Snow College Online or SNHU?

A: Students work at their own pace to complete as many credits as they can each year.

Q: Both SNHU and Snow College Online are self-paced and competency-based. Is there a minimum requirement to stay enrolled?

A: SNHU students need to complete a minimum of six projects (competencies) per term. Snow College Online students will need to complete a minimum of six credits (two classes) each semester and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Q: What are the differences between SNHU and Snow College Online?

A: SNHU offers students an Associate in General Studies with an emphasis in Business. This program provides students the opportunity to master projects that count towards a college course. These projects cover real working experiences and companies. As students submit projects, they earn either a "mastery" or "not yet" which is decided by a reviewer. In the case of "not yet," students continue to focus on developing their knowledge and skills based on feedback and resubmit the project until mastered. Students currently receive a transcript from SNHU with "MA" for each course that is mastered.

Snow College Online offers students an Associate of Science degree with an emphasis on general education. This program offers students a more traditional path of classes, studies, and coursework. Students have unlimited attempts to complete required assignments, projects, quizzes, etc. Major tests generally have a limited number of attempts and may be proctored. Students can gain access to additional attempts with instructor approval. Consult the syllabus in each course for details. Qualified course instructors provide feedback on criteria that need improvement until mastery is achieved. A course is considered complete when the student has successfully completed all course requirements.

Grades are assigned in accordance with Snow College Grade and Academic Standards policies. Review course syllabi for details.

Q: Could my son/daughter do just one year of SNHU or Snow College Online and receive some college credit?

A: Absolutely! Pending the receiving institution’s policy, early college credits may transfer individually to the college or university of their choice.

Q: Could a student just take one SNHU or Snow College Online “class”?

A: No; SNHU and Snow College Online are both My Tech High full-schedule programs that fill Periods 2 - 6. With both options, students also have $300 of Technology Allowance which can be used towards a class in optional Period 7, if desired. Students can take just one class with any other early college credit option. See Parent Link for details.

Q: How do I select the Full-schedule Snow College Online option in Schedule Builder?

A: For the core subjects please select the course option with "College" listed before (i.e. College Math). In Period 5 under Technology, select Computer Technology. In Period 6 under Career and Technical Education select Career Awareness. Under each course select “My Tech High Direct” to reveal the Full-schedule Snow College Online option.

Q: Can my student still take AP classes and will those transfer to Snow College Online?

A: AP classes are a great way to prepare your student for rigorous college courses. Snow College Online recognizes that learning occurs in many ways and greatly values your past experiences. Snow College Online has developed a process to grant college credit for skills and expertise you've already gained. Some examples of prior credit options may include: past college credit, industry certifications, work experience, AP/ACT/SAT scores, and more. Show Snow College what you've done and earn immediate college credit!

Q: What if my student finishes the Snow College Online program before their senior year?

A: Students who finish their selected program have the option of choosing another program or personalized curriculum until they finish high school. SNHU also offers three Bachelors programs that may be of interest to your student.

Q: Is there a deadline to apply for the Snow College Online program?

A: July 31st. Students need to submit applications by July 31st in order to be considered for participation in Snow College Online program.

Q: After registering for Snow College Online do we need to pay for any balance due that shows on the student account?

A: No. Snow is required to post a fee to each student's account but My Tech High will pay it directly to Snow College and it will turn to $0 in September.

Q: Are there prerequisites for the Snow College Online program?

A: Students must show readiness for Math and Language Arts courses. If students are not ready for college-level Math and Language Arts courses, Snow College will make preparatory resources, such as ALEKS and developmental courses, available to them.

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