Grade K - 5 (Age 5 - 10)

Tang Math

What is the key to computational fluency? Practice. Lots and lots of practice. What about reasoning skills? Practice. What about number sense? Practice!

Tang Math provides five printable worksheets each week. The math problems give students in grades K-5 the opportunity to improve their skills in a thoughtful and systematic way. Print the worksheets to supplement your math curriculum at home, in the car, or waiting for an appointment. By the end of the year, kids who complete these worksheets every week will have done thousands of problems designed to help them become better in math.

What's available

  • New printable puzzles available weekly

  • Games and puzzles to maximize learning and fun

  • Focused on number bonds (fact families) with multiple representations to model numbers, ten frames, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, identifying and forming equations, money, fractions, measurement and conversions, composing and decomposing numbers, and more

  • Math manipulatives on the go

  • Browse games and books (not provided)

  • Test the word problem generator

  • Download a sample puzzle pack

System Requirements

  • Current web browser

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