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Make a Minecraft mod. Design a 3D monkey. Launch a business.

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Bring Your Ideas to Life

Our courses help you make your dreams a reality. Always wanted to make a website, a Minecraft mod, or a robot? Now you can.

Creativity Unleashed

All courses are project-based, focused on inspiring creativity and innovation.

Making Programmers

We don’t just teach kids to program.  We teach the technology skills needed to be successful in college, career, and life.

Start Making Money

Our courses always end with ideas to help you earn money with your app, game, or program.  We want to give you an income, not just a course.

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What’s the vision of My Tech High?

We believe America was founded on principles of innovation and entrepreneurship.  We also believe each child learns differently and parents need access to resources in order to properly personalize their children’s education.  Finally, today’s youth need a foundation of technology and innovative thinking to succeed in college, career and life.

How much does each online course cost?

Each course costs $350, which includes year-long access to the online course content along with with a live, Online Tech Mentor to provide technical assistance, creative project guidance, helpful feedback, and industry-relevant insights.

Is the cost of the software and/or required kits used in the course included in the course price?

Yes.  Most courses use free / open source software to teach the skills.  For the courses where a software purchase is required, parents can submit the receipt for reimbursement.  If a course requires a physical kit, it will be mailed to the student prior to the start of the course.

Who helps the students if they have questions?

All of our courses are fully supported by an Online Tech Mentor, who typically is a state-certified teacher with extensive experience in the subject area of the course and who love helping youth learn about technology.

Our Online Tech Mentors support students in a variety of ways including discussion forums, chat, email, phone, text, and live video conferencing.  They are 100% focused on helping students be successful in the course.

How do I access the course?

A “Course Invitation” email will be sent to the student email address provided during the registration process.  Once a Canvas account is setup, students login here.

What type of computer or device is needed?

Nearly all of the course content including the interactive curriculum, video demos, quizzes, assignments, etc. can be accessed through all major platforms, operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices.

However, most courses are designed to be project-based and teach students how to install and use a specific software program.  The projects are focused on helping the students apply the skills they have learned to design their own creative projects.  The courses typically teach software that requires a Windows-based PC.  Students using a Mac may need to adapt, as needed.

About My Tech High

Matt Bowman founded My Tech High in 2008 on the key principles of American innovation, personalized education, and technology.  Matt is passionate about helping youth learn the technology and business skills needed to be successful in college, career and life.  That’s why My Tech High offers so many courses for students ages 6 to 18 in topics such as computer programming, mobile games, 3D graphics, digital arts, animation, entrepreneurship, and more! Find the course that’s right for you.  It’s your code. It’s your dream. It’s your life.