The My Tech High Difference

Reimagined learning for every student

are not standard

We celebrate the unique strengths of each young person, and our focus on technology and entrepreneurship sets us apart.

Become a real-life problem solver

Students who develop technology and entrepreneurship skills gain the necessary tools to recognize problems, discover answers, and implement solutions.

We’re excited to help

My Tech High parents have access to certified teachers, experienced mentors, and a dedicated Parent Support team to help you every step of the way.

Explore our universe of resources

We are serious when we say our educational resources are countless. Thousands are available in the My Tech High universe, including ones you discover yourself!

Make lasting friendships

We open the door for students and parents to build relationships with other My Tech High families. Join a club, attend a meet-up or field trip, and connect with others through private forums.

Technology & Entrepreneurship experience

Students focus on skills that help them create a better today and tomorrow.

Friendly parent support

We answer your questions promptly, accurately, and kindly.

Freedom in education

Decide how, what, when, and where you want your student to learn.

Student & parent communities

Explore the many ways MTH keeps our community connected.

Explore the MTH Community

Join a social club

Enjoy cooking, running, esports, reading, or history? We have a club for all of these and many more. Want to start a new club? We’ll help you make it happen!

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Explore the MTH Community

Go on a field trip

Explore a museum, see a play, or watch monkeys at the zoo. We offer discounted or free entry to your favorite field trip spots! Want to visit Jamestown (virtually)? We do that, too!

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Explore the MTH Community

Test-drive career options

Experience “Bring Students to Work Day” when we host Career Meet-ups. Students meet industry pros in person, tour their businesses, tackle real-life industry challenges in teams, and receive meaningful career advice.

Explore the MTH Community

Attend in-person classes

Enroll in a community art or music class, design and create in a Makerspace class, and join a ski team! These and more can all be part of your personalized education plan.

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Present at a Student Showcase

Show off your LEGO towers, model rockets, science projects, dance routines, oil paintings, Rubik's cube prowess, and more. We host annual in-person and virtual events to spotlight students’ unique talents, passions, creativity, and personal achievements.

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Challenge yourself

Put your skills to the test by entering a friendly LEGO building or coding challenge, science fair, spelling bee, chess tournament, esports league, and art fair, to name a few. We focus on fun, sportsmanship, and self-improvement over competition.

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Serve others

We invite young people to identify practical solutions to real challenges found in their local community through the Stephanie Hess - My Tech High Community Service Program.

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Get parent support

Experienced My Tech High parents mentor new parents through our private Facebook group. This support system, combined with our friendly Parent Support Team, will help you navigate the MTH learning curve.

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Meet career pros

Be inspired as you interview successful entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, renowned artists, and more! Stay connected with forward-thinking educators and leaders when you participate in MTH Webinars.

Contact us

If you have questions, please reach out!