Parent Information Sessions

Join us at for a live Q&A Session every Monday-Friday from 9:00-10:00 am. 

We also host specific topic sessions throughout the week. (See information and sign-up link below.)

Live, Online Parent Support

Jamie Lesko
Jamie Lesko
Olivia Burr
Olivia Burr

Meet Jamie and Olivia, Utah’s Parent Support Specialists.

Jamie or Olivia will host each session to answer any questions you have about how our program can become a part of your family’s educational journey. Sessions are organized by topic and other team members will join in to help answer specific questions.

Before attending a live Parent Information Session:

  • Review the How it Works page to try our Sample Schedule tool and watch the explainer videos.
  • Make a list of questions you have & sign up for the session topic that will be most helpful.

Upcoming Sessions -   See current schedule

Program Overview

What is My Tech High? Come learn all about how our specialized program works and what opportunities it can open up for your family! In this session, you will discover the freedom and flexibility of a personalized education plan and what this could mean for your child. You will also have the opportunity to ask specific questions in a small group format.

Open Q&A

If you have an understanding of the program but have questions just whirling around and you aren't sure where to go...bring them to us! We are happy to help!

High School & Early College Credit

Diploma vs. Non-diploma? Come learn about both of these paths so you can make an informed decision on which will be best for your student. Our High School and Early College Credit Specialist will present their most frequently asked questions and help find the answers you need.

Reimbursements/Direct Order Overview

We know that Reimbursements and Direct Orders can be confusing, and we are here to help! With the help of our Reimbursement Team, we will walk you through the process and help you get answers to your questions in this session.

Schedules & Curriculum

With a universe of possibilities, the task of selecting curriculum and building schedules can seem daunting! We will show you where to go to begin your research, some tips and tricks to developing your homeschool plan, and how to build a schedule using our Schedule Builder tool in InfoCenter. We trust parents to customize a plan that best fits the needs of their family, but ideas and support are always helpful. Bring your thoughts, ideas, and experience to this session and collaborate with other parents!

Special Education

While we believe that all students deserve a customized educational experience, students with special needs have just that--special needs. Join us to better understand the Special Education referral process, the ins and outs of IEPs/504, and the services, resources, and support available to you through My Tech High.

My Tech High Direct Providers Overview

Whether you need a full, online curriculum or access to a program to help supplement your child's learning, My Tech High has partnered with a variety of programs to meet your needs! Let our Program Specialist walk you through the basics of these providers and answer your questions so you can best decide if they are a good fit.

Homeroom Resources Overview

Did you know that you receive FREE resources through My Tech High? Online programs for assessing, supporting, and enhancing your education plan are all available through your Homeroom! See how these programs can be maximized to give your student the comprehensive education they deserve. Homeroom Resources and Optional Homeroom Resources can enrich any customized education plan with quality learning and engagement.

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