Grade 6 - 12 (Age 11 - 18)

Accelerated Spark Online

  • Provider: MTH Direct Full-schedule Courses

  • Website: Spark Online

  • LMS: Spark

  • Mode: Online Teacher-supported

  • Offers Tutoring: Yes

Accelerated Spark Online offers a competency-based curriculum and is approved for diploma-seeking students. Review the list of courses here.

Students in grades 6-12 can select the “Full-schedule Accelerated Spark Online” option for Periods 2-6, and will have unlimited access to grade-level curriculum. Students can progress at their own pace through the teacher-supported courses.

What you will learn

  • Accredited middle school and high school level courses


Q: Where can I access other details about Accelerated Spark Online?

A: Parent Link has full details about this exciting option and check out this flyer.

Q: Is Accelerated Spark Online available for diploma-seeking students?

A: Yes! Diploma-seeking students can now choose from Full-schedule - Accelerated Spark Online or individual courses from Edgenuity or BYU Independent Study.

Q: Will my student have a teacher to grade assignments, projects, tests, etc?

A: Yes! The Full-schedule Accelerated Spark Online option includes a certified teacher and grader for each course who will help the student progress successfully.

Q: Does Accelerated Spark Online have built-in assessments at the beginning of each course to determine where to begin?

A: Yes! Every course has a pre-assessment to help the student know where to begin.

Q: Which Periods(s) need to be selected for the Full-schedule Accelerated Spark Online option?

A: The Full-schedule Accelerated Spark Online option needs to be in Periods 2-6. Students may then choose an Optional Period 7 or plan to use their Technology Allowance.

Q: How do I select the Full-schedule Accelerated Spark Online option in Schedule Builder?

A: Select High School Language Arts, Middle School Language Arts, High School Math, Middle School Math, Computer Technology, Exploring Technology, and then select “My Tech High Direct” to reveal the Full-schedule Accelerated Spark Online option (see how a sample schedule might look for an 8th-grade student here).

Q: If my high school student is ready to switch from Accelerated Spark Online to Snow Online to earn college credits, when can he/she make that change?

A: Students in grades 9-12 interested in switching from Accelerated Spark Online to Snow Online (which uses the same course platform), can switch at the beginning of any semester.

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