Grade K - 12 (Age 5 - 18)

Accelerated Spark Online

Each student is unique! Accelerated Spark Online’s competency-based courses allow students to enjoy the freedom of learning at their pace.

Parents have real-time access to student progress. Additionally, a licensed mentor and content-level graders support each student. The mentor offers coaching, guidance, and motivation. Graders provide timely and meaningful feedback on assignments and tests—allowing students to master the content and move forward at their pace.

Accelerated Spark Online Elementary contains core courses in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies for grades K-5.

Accelerated Spark Online Secondary contains over 100 courses for grades 6-12.

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Username: student.demo

Password: ilovelearning1


Q: Will my student have a teacher to grade assignments, projects, tests, etc?

A: Yes! Accelerated Spark Online includes a certified teacher and grader for each course who will help the student progress successfully.

Q: Does Accelerated Spark Online have built-in assessments at the beginning of each course to determine where to begin?

A: Yes! Every course has a pre-assessment to help the student know where to begin.

Q: What if my student completes their Accelerated Spark Online course earlier, can they move ahead?

A: Students may complete as many Accelerated Spark Online courses as possible during the year or semester but may not request a new course until they have completed the current course.

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