Grades K-12 (Ages 5-18)

Accelerated Spark Online

Accelerated Spark believes in limitless learning! Their self-paced, competency-based courses fit perfectly into any education plan, allowing students to enjoy the freedom of learning. Accelerated Spark Online provides core courses as well as electives. Students enjoy:

  • Interactive Learning: Engaging and interactive lessons spark curiosity and encourage active participation, making learning enjoyable and effective.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: An extensive range of courses covers all subjects, ensuring a well-rounded education for students from the comfort of their own home.

  • Expert Teachers: Experienced educators bring passion and expertise to every virtual classroom, ensuring each child receives the best instruction possible. Graders provide timely and meaningful feedback on assignments and tests—allowing students to master the content and move forward at their own pace.

  • Personalized Mentor Support: A dedicated team is here to support students every step of the way, offering individualized coaching, attention, and guidance.

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Q: Will my student have a teacher to grade assignments, projects, tests, etc.?

A: Yes! Accelerated Spark Online includes a certified teacher and grader for each course who will help the student progress successfully. Additionally, both Spark and My Tech High will provide a mentor for your student to support them throughout the school year.

Q: Does Accelerated Spark Online have built-in assessments at the beginning of each course to determine where to begin?

A: Yes! Every course has a pre-assessment to help the student know where to begin.

Q: If my student completes their Accelerated Spark Online course early, can they move ahead?

A: Students may complete as many Accelerated Spark Online courses as possible within the same subject during the year or semester. After completing a class, please use this form to request a new course.

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