Grade 6 - 12 (age 11 - 18)

Apex Learning

Apex online curriculum is designed to actively engage students in learning. Instead of passively watching, listening, and reading, students using our digital curriculum learn by doing. It combines embedded supports and scaffold to meet diverse student needs. The self-paced, online courses include instruction, practice and application, and summative assessment. (Not all courses that Apex offers are available as a My Tech High Direct option.)

There is no assigned teacher with Apex. Parents are given a parent/teacher account to unlock student's tests, can view student progress, and review assignments, essays, etc.

Additional books, supplies, or lab kits may be required.

To see the list of Required Materials click on the Course Catalog link, find the appropriate course, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Course Materials section.

Students who enroll in an AP class will need to register for the exam here: https://apstudent.collegeboard...

Students are given access to the full-year course for most subjects. Some classes are only available as a semester length class.

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