Grades 1-8 (Ages 6-13)

Beast Academy Online

Beast Academy Online teaches problem-solving and logical thinking by covering grade-level standards in greater depth than other elementary math curricula. With Beast Academy, students access over 20,000 problems, puzzles, and activities across more than 1,000 lessons. Interactive puzzles provide an engaging review within lessons and in the dedicated Puzzle Lab. BA Online also includes a comprehensive library of over 1000 instructional videos.

Please note students will only have access to the self-paced online platform when selecting this program as a My Tech High Direct option. The online platform provided is separate from the instructor-led classes at AoPS Academy Virtual Campus.

Demo Account Information:

  • Click here for a demo of Beast Academy Online.

What's Available:

  • Engaging, comic book-style instruction

  • Self-paced curriculum

  • Immediate feedback

  • Detailed parent tools

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Q: Does Beast Academy follow the Common Core standards?

A: Beast Academy is loosely based on the Common Core standards. It covers the key topics for grades 1 through 5 in greater depth and with more opportunities for problem solving and logical thinking than other programs. Beast Academy levels 4 and 5 also cover many middle-grades standards and can be a good fit for early middle school students.

See our Standards charts for the topics covered by Beast Academy.

Q: How do I know which level my student is ready for?

A: Click here for placement tests, along with level recommendations by age.

Q: How often should my student use Beast Academy?

A: Aim to spend 12–15 days teaching a chapter of Beast Academy in order to finish one level in a standard school year. Beast Academy Online recommends assigning work by time and not by lesson—while most lessons take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete, some may take an hour or more. You are not required to complete every single lesson in Beast Academy Online.

For students who use Beast Academy as their primary curriculum, at least 3 hours of practice per week is recommended.

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