Grades 8-12 (Ages 13-18)

Bottega University

Bottega University offers two unique coding experiences to support My Tech High coders, whatever their long-term goals.

  • Coding Foundations: a one-year course for students wanting to try out coding for the first time. Coding Foundations topics include HTML, CSS, WebDev Tools, and Introduction to JavaScript. The methods of instruction include skill demonstration, case studies, practical exercises, discussion, presentations, exercises, laboratory, and computer-based training. Students interested in completing the Full Stack program should complete Coding Foundations in their 8th-grade year.

  • Full Stack Development Program: a four-year program for highly motivated students who want to earn a Full Stack certification. To complete this rigorous, self-paced program, students must begin in their 9th-grade year after completing the Coding Foundations pre-requisite course. Students will receive technical and content support from Bottega University, as well as progress reports and encouragement from a mentor at My Tech High.

Schedule Information:

  • Coding Foundations will reduce a student’s Technology Allowance by $50.

  • To access Coding Foundations in Schedule Builder, select either Exploring Technology > Exploring Technology, High School Science > Computer Science or Technology > Computer Science & Programming.

  • The Full Stack course is only available to students participating in the full-year program.

  • The Full Stack Development Certificate program should be started in 9th grade, takes 3 periods on a student’s schedule for four years, and will reduce a student’s Technology Allowance by $200.

Demo Account Information:

  • There is currently no demo available for this program.

What's Available:

  • Students who successfully complete both Coding Foundations and the Full Stack Development Certificate program, as well as a Capstone Project and a comprehensive exam, are eligible to earn 18 college credits through Bottega University.

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Q: How demanding is the Bottega Full Stack Development Program?

A: The program is rigorous, self-paced, and requires about 600 hours to complete. Students should expect to spend 5-10 hours a week during each year (four) of the program.

Q: How does the Full Stack Program break into four years?

A: Year One: Object Oriented Programming with Front-End Foundations is a comprehensive course on how to develop in object-oriented programming languages, including how to leverage object-oriented programming techniques to build modern systems while building on fundamental concepts associated with front-end development, including HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery and UI/UX.

Year Two: Database Systems and Management focuses on learning database management skills and management. It covers both SQL and NoSQL database systems and includes an introduction to advanced topics such as query optimization, concurrency, data warehouses, object-oriented extensions, and XML.

Year Three: Advanced Object-Oriented Programming and Web Development focuses on learning advanced object-oriented programming languages to define and build multiple applications with integrated libraries and datasets. This course includes working with modern Javascript libraries and building React Javascript Libraries.

Year Four: Full-Stack Capstone Project and Certification, Mentorship Program. Successful completion of the Capstone and Final Assessment will result in Full-Stack Development Certification and 18 University credits from Bottega University.

Q: When should my student start the Full Stack Development Program?

A: To earn a Full Stack Development Certificate without additional, out-of-pocket work, My Tech High students should begin this program in 9th grade.

Q: What if my student does not finish the Full Stack program while attending My Tech High?

A: Upon completion or graduation from My Tech High, students may enroll directly into Bottega University to finish the Full Stack Development Certificate program.

Q: Are the certificate credits transferable?

A: Successful completion may lead directly to transferable credits into Bottega University’s Associate of Science in Computer Science and/or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Business. Transferability of credits into other colleges is solely up to the receiving institution.

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