Grade 6 - 12 (Age 11 - 18)

BYU Independent Study

BYU Independent Study offers a variety of rigorous courses for middle and high school students to help them prepare for higher education and successful careers.

Courses are online and self-paced and don’t require attending live class times. Course content may include videos, computerized labs, interactive activities, tutorials, and animated clips.

Assignments are required and teacher-graded. Students benefit from teacher support through responsive feedback and virtual office hours.

See additional information below.

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Additional Information:

  • Not all courses in the BYU catalog are available as a My Tech High Direct option.

  • Courses are middle and high school level; no college credit is available.

  • High school courses taken before 9th grade do not count on a high school transcript.

  • Diploma-seeking students in grades 9-12 must finish coursework and the final exam by the end of each semester. Registration for the second half of a course occurs in early January. Students must complete Part 1 of a given course before beginning Part 2 in the 2nd Semester.

  • All final exams require a proctor. Search for a testing center site by zip code here. Many testing sites are free.

  • Some courses may require books and supplies. Students purchase these items independently and may seek reimbursement with Technology Allowance.

  • Students who enroll in an AP class will need to register for the exam here, as BYU Independent Study does not facilitate AP tests.

  • AP courses do not guarantee college credit, as that depends on test scores and the individual college to which a student applies.

  • Text-to-speech accommodations are available. Students who require additional accommodations may wish to select another program.

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