Grade K - 5 (Age 5 - 10)

Computer Science Foundations

This course utilizes the in-browser Skill Struck Launch Pad Platform and gives students access to the K-5 Computer Science Foundations curriculum. Students will be able to mix and match activities to create a custom learning program based upon their needs.

Kindergarten Topics include: Computer Devices and Navigation, Digital Citizenship, Algorithms, Data, and Computational Thinking

First Grade Topics include: Digital Citizenship, Data, Algorithms, Computer Parts, Computer Organization, and Scratch Programming

Second Grade Topics include: Technology in Our Lives, Computer Safety, Property Rights, File Organization, Troubleshooting, Data, Scratch Programming, and Algorithms

Third Grade Topics include: Sequencing, Algorithms, Events, Computer Systems, Variables, Accessibility, Computer Safety, Troubleshooting, Conditionals, Loops, Property Rights, and Data

Fourth Grade Topics include: Sequencing, Algorithms, Events, Computer Systems, Variables, Digital Citizenship, Conditionals, Computer Parts, Loops, Accessibility, HTML, Paragraph Tags, Text Color, Troubleshooting, Images, Property Rights

Fifth Grade Topics include: Sequencing, Algorithms, Events, Variables, Troubleshooting, Loops, Conditionals, Cybersecurity, Data, HTML, Headers, Text Colors, Fonts, Paragraphs, Text Alignment, Accessibility, Images, Videos, and Property Rights

What you will learn

  • Learn and expand upon the basics of computers and programming

  • Explore cross-curricular activities in Science, Math, and ELA through coding

  • Curate a portfolio of cumulative work

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