Grades 7-12 (Ages 12-18)

Falcon AeroLab

Falcon AeroLab is a lab-based STEM program with custom courses available via a partnership with My Tech High. Instructors are highly qualified professionals straight from the industry. These include engineers, managers, military and airline pilots, drone operators, cyber experts, and more. Their cumulative experience and expertise give students extraordinary insight.

FAA Private Pilot License written exam results are good for 2 years. Please note that students interested in a private pilot license must be 17 years old in order to complete that exam, so it is not recommended to take the FAA exam until a student is 15 years old.

Schedule Information:

  • To access Falcon AeroLab courses in Schedule Builder, select Technology > Exploring Technology (grades 7-8), Technology > Engineering (grades 9-12), or Career & Technical Education > Transportation & Distribution or Industrial Arts.

  • Falcon AeroLab courses will reduce a student’s Technology Allowance by $50.

  • Withdrawal from Falcon AeroLab classes prior to the end of the year will result in a repayment of $300.

Demo Account Information:

  • There is currently no demo available for this program.

What's Available:

Learn More:

  • Fundamentals of Aerospace and Introduction to Aviation include a live flight experience


Q: How does the flight experience with Falcon AeroLab work?

A: Parents can set up the flight experience by using the Falcon AeroLab contact link. Parents will receive contact information for each flight experience vendor/ facility and can schedule individual flights. Once you have scheduled your flight experience, coordinate with Falcon AeroLab, and they will pay the vendor/ facility directly at the time of service.

Q: Can we participate in flight experiences outside our state of residence?

A: Yes! Falcon AeroLab is happy to accommodate a flight experience in a location that is convenient for you.

Q: Does the course include in-person AeroLab programs?

A: No. My Tech High students (including those in Colorado) cannot sign up for in-person AeroLab programs.

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