Grade K - 8 (Age 5 - 13)

Generation Genius

Recommended for grades K-8, Generation Genius is a digital library of engaging videos and lessons for all major science standards, made in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association and brings school science topics to life through fun, funny, entertaining and educational videos. Each video is approximately 12-minutes long and comes with a lesson plan, teacher guide, vocabulary, DIY activity guide, quizzes, and stopping points for discussion.

In August 2021, Generation Genius released 50 new math lessons covering topics like fractions, decimals, area, and angles! More math lessons for grades K-8 will be added each week through the Fall. Generation Genius is proud to announce that the math lessons are produced in partnership with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

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What's available

  • DIY activity guides to try at home

  • Great math printables!

  • Fun for the whole family

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