Grades K-12 (Ages 5-18)

Imagine MyPath

Imagine MyPath maximizes student learning in reading and math through personalized learning paths that prioritize the essential skills students will need for grade-level success. Students begin with the Imagine MyPath assessment to receive optimal placement and instruction. As students move from intervention to supplemental grade-level practice and beyond, Imagine MyPath continues to deliver adaptive lessons propelling them forward.

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What's Available:

  • Individualized learning paths for every student are automatically sourced from a research-based library of K–12 lessons

  • Ongoing mastery checks that adapt instruction so students accelerate through content they already know and move ahead at their own pace

  • Grade-level instruction that quickly closes learning gaps

  • Targeted support for students with diverse needs

  • K–5 math instruction and K–12 assessments available in Spanish

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