Grade K - 12 (Age 5 - 18)

Imagine MyPath

Imagine MyPath is available to K-12th grade students for Reading and Math. Students begin with the Imagine MyPath assessment to receive optimal placement and instruction.

Imagine MyPath maximizes student learning through personalized learning paths that prioritize the essential skills students will need for grade-level success. As students move from intervention to supplemental grade-level practice and beyond, Imagine MyPath continues to deliver adaptive lessons propelling them forward. Recommended usage time is 30 mins per subject per week.

Based on precise placement data, each student receives personalized, adaptive instruction. Imagine MyPath has revolutionized the student experience by giving students age-appropriate content.

Imagine MyPath informs teachers when students are struggling with a lesson. A teacher account is not available with Imagine MyPath. Downloadable student mini-lessons and printable Guided Notes (Grades 6-12) are available for use upon request*.

*If your student is struggling and needs additional worksheets, please reach out to and they can provide that downloadable content for you. The student account must show signs of struggle with topics before the worksheets are generated/recommended.

What you will learn

  • Imagine My Path Brochure

  • Robust Library of Lessons: Individualized learning paths for every student are automatically sourced from a research-based library of K–12 lessons.

  • Instruction is focused on essential grade-level work, closing learning gaps quickly.

  • Ongoing mastery checks adapt instruction, so students accelerate through content they already know and move ahead at their own pace.

  • Students with diverse needs receive targeted supports.

  • Imagine MyPath provides equitable instruction via text-to-speech, video captions, Spanish translation, and more.

System Requirements

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