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  • Discovering the colors of your career

  • Breaking into the Tech Industry

  • The Pitch Economy & why resumes are dead

My Tech High has joined forces with Crash to offer you an exciting opportunity for students interested in jump-starting their career!

Crash helps students to catalog and showcase their professional skills and knowledge. This allows students to present themselves in a way that can win job or internship opportunities now and in the future.

In today's world, a simple resume doesn't stand out. My Tech High students will get a big head start by learning to demonstrate their value with Crash video resumes and pitches.

Here is one recent example: Madison pitches Twitter for an internship

For this webinar, Jérémy Chevallier from Crash provides a short webinar attended by a handful of My Tech High Seniors who had prepared questions. Moderated by student Noah Strongin.

Jérémy is not a person you will meet every day. He has a passion for creating remarkable user experiences. After earning a degree in graphic design and interning at an award-winning ad agency he started his own marketing agency - twice! He is a native French speaker. He “loves working at the intersection of entrepreneurship + big societal problems (like education and jobs.)” He is currently searching for product-market fit at Crash, a job application tool for job seekers without experience or degrees.

A handful of entrepreneur-minded students were asked to prepare questions in any of these areas:

  • Job requirements

  • Resumes & cover letters

  • Discovering & following your passion(s)

  • What employers want to see from entry-level team members

  • The value of doing side projects

  • Finding good job opportunities

  • What job security really means

Special Offer from Crash available to My Tech High students, siblings, and parents:

For unlimited pitches via Crash Pro, sign up at and enter coupon code “MyTechHigh” for half price which gives you lifetime access for only $30!

Have Questions? Email anytime!

Webinar Format: (48:55)

  • 0:25 - Introductions

  • 1:10 - You only need 2 things to get a job

  • 4:49 - What matters to companies?

  • 7:33 - Can you articulate what you do and prove it?

  • 10:22 - Creating your pitch

  • 11:22 - Why them? Why you? What’s next?

  • 20:03 - Q&A

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