Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-11)

LEGO® Robotics for Problem Solvers

Discover the power of technology in shaping a better world for both people and animals! Dive into the realms of robotics, automation, and engineering as we explore how these innovations can make our planet a brighter place.

Embark on an exciting journey in SpikeTown, a vibrant LEGO Community nestled within the virtual realm of Minecraft. Unleash your creativity as you blueprint with LEGOs, immerse yourself in the engineering design process, and bring your imagination to life in Minecraft.

A LEGO® SPIKE™ Essentials Kit will be shipped directly to the student in September (January for mid-year students) and $200 will be deducted from their Tech Allowance.

Note: If the course is dropped after the kit has shipped, the kit can be returned if in unopened, factory-sealed condition. If the kit has been opened, it is yours to keep, and its cost will be deducted from your student's available Technology Allowance.

Read more about the course, including course expectations and system requirements.

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