Grades 9-12 (Ages 14-18)

OC Online Early College

Welcome to OC Online, your gateway to flexible and transferable higher education. Our accredited online university program offers courses in a self-paced, competency-based model, allowing you to learn at your own speed while mastering each subject thoroughly. Whether you prefer to enroll by the semester or take individual courses, the choice is yours.

Schedule Information:

  • Students must apply by July 17 and be accepted by OC Online before their My Tech High schedule including OC Online will be approved

  • Courses can be taken as full-schedule (meaning it fills Periods 2-7 of a student’s schedule) or a la carte (available in 1-2 periods on a student’s schedule)

  • The final day to add OC Online to a schedule is September 1st for 1st Semester

  • Students participating in the full-schedule OC Online Early College program are not eligible for a Technology Allowance

  • OC Online a la carte courses will reduce a student’s Technology Allowance by $100.

Demo Account Information:

  • Click here for a demo of OC Online.

  • Username: demo.student

  • Password: demooc1234

What's Available:

  • 2024-25 Course Catalog

  • My Tech High will provide a mentor for your student to support them throughout the school year

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Q: Am I required to take the ACT before applying?

A: No. The ACT is not a prerequisite to enroll.

Q: Can students take courses in any order, or are they “unlocked” sequentially?

A: Students can progress through the courses in any order; however, some individual courses may require a prerequisite.

Q: How many times can students re-submit/retake assignments, quizzes, and tests?

A: A: Students are able to re-submit / retake most assignments, quizzes and tests as many times as needed to demonstrate mastery. However, some assignments do have limits on the number of times they can be completed. Please review the syllabus for each course to get specific details.

Q: Will my credits transfer to other universities?

A: Every university has different policies governing the acceptance of transferred college credits. Check with the admissions department at the university to which you would like to attend and ask about Oklahoma Christian.

Q: When do my college credits become available?

A: Students of any age may complete college coursework as long as they meet the college's admissions requirements. However, until a student has completed high school, they are typically enrolled as non-degree-seeking at that institution.

Once an early college student has completed high school (documented by either an accredited diploma or a homeschool transcript), they qualify to be enrolled as degree-seeking, and the credits they have previously earned officially count toward their degree.

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