Grades K-8 (Ages 5-13)

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math integrates self-paced math practice into a fantasy-style role-playing game. Featuring over 50,000 questions in four different curricula, players answer math questions to help their wizard grow stronger, learn new spells, and acquire new equipment. This game does not teach new concepts to your students but is a tool to help reinforce and practice existing skills. Prodigy's questions align themselves directly with many different curricula.

Prodigy makes use of a proprietary algorithm to automatically deliver appropriate material for students. When students begin playing Prodigy, they are automatically put through a placement test to determine the appropriate starting grade. Afterward, their progress is constantly examined through the curriculum tree to determine the next skill they should receive. If students do well on a topic, they will be moved on to the next topic in the grade. If students struggle with a concept, they will be pulled back to a prerequisite to get some practice before giving it another shot.

Demo Account Information:

  • Click here to make a free account to explore Prodigy Math.

What's Available:

  • Math questions are organized by grade level and based on traditional curriculum

  • Parent account to access curriculum progress reports and skill breakdowns, set goals, print practice sheets, and more

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Q: What benefit do I get from accessing Prodigy Math through My Tech High?

A: My Tech High Prodigy Math accounts include Membership, which unlocks premium features like worksheets, video lessons, and extra reports. It also includes additional in-game features like rewards, prizes, and additional game areas.

Q: Can I sync an existing account with my My Tech High account?

A: Yes! We can sync accounts so you don’t lose any progress.

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