Grades 9-12 (Ages 14-18)

Southern New Hampshire University’s competency-based education program

Southern New Hampshire University’s Competency-Based Education (SNHU-CBE) programs help learners earn college credit at their own pace. In 2024, 77% of participating My Tech High seniors and two 11th graders earned their Associate degree.

Schedule Information:

  • Students must successfully complete a Readiness Assessment, including a sample project, by July 15 before their My Tech High schedule including SNHU will be approved

  • SNHU is available for non-diploma-seeking students in grades 9-12

  • SNHU is full-schedule, meaning it fills Periods 2-6 in the student’s schedule

  • Tuition costs for SNHU-CBE will reduce a student’s Technology Allowance by $200

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  • There is currently no demo available for this program.

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Q: What is competency-based education at SNHU?

A: Students demonstrate mastery of competencies by completing real-world projects. Competencies are the skills students build, such as writing or creating a marketing plan. Compared to a traditional college program, each competency or project equals one college credit. Sixty mastered competencies will earn an Associate degree.

Q: Can I earn my Bachelor’s degree through SNHU?

A: If a student completes all 60 projects to earn an Associate degree, they can choose to continue with SNHU to earn a Bachelor’s degree while enrolled at My Tech High.

Q: Are my college credits from SNHU transferable to other Universities?

A: The transferability of competency-based credit depends upon the receiving institution’s policies and procedures. Please keep your final educational goals in mind when choosing to participate in an Early College Credit program.

Q: When do my college credits become available?

A: Students of any age may complete college coursework as long as they meet the college's admissions requirements. However, until a student has completed high school, they are typically enrolled as non-degree-seeking at that institution.

A signed homeschool affidavit is required by SNHU in order for previously earned credits to officially count toward their degree. The required form will be sent to all My Tech High 12th grade students who have completed any SNHU coursework through My Tech High.

Q: What is the schedule like?

A: Students will enroll in 16-week terms. Students will be registered for a minimum of 12 projects per 16-week term but have the ability to accelerate and complete more projects in the same term at no additional cost. Individual projects have no set due dates, so students must hold themselves accountable for completing their work before the end of each term.

Q: How will I be graded?

A: Competency-based education has only two grades: “Mastered” and “Not Yet.” There are no letter grades. Students will submit their projects to be reviewed by subject-matter experts. Many students receive a “Not Yet” on their first submission, along with detailed feedback on how to improve. This learning format means there is no such thing as failure, only “Not Yet.” Students can re-submit their project as many times as needed until they have mastered the skill and then move on.

Q: Will I have an instructor?

A: No. Instead of an instructor leading a class, students will work on each project independently and ask for help when needed. Project learning materials and resources are included in the project file, and students will have access to SNHU’s online academic resources (library, tutors, etc.).

Projects are evaluated by a reviewer, who will compare the student’s project submission against the rubric to determine whether they have demonstrated mastery of the competency. The reviewer will provide the student with specific written feedback to support their academic progress and efforts to achieve mastery.

Students will have a My Tech High mentor who will check in weekly and provide support as needed.

Q: What if this model or SNHU isn’t right for me?

A: SNHU-CBE offers a 14-day trial period. Students may withdraw during this period without issue. Any competencies mastered (credits earned) during this time are removed from the student’s record.

Q: What are the qualities of a successful SNHU CBE Student?

A: Grit & A Growth Mindset: Open to receiving feedback and a willingness to grow.

Time Management: Ability to keep and maintain a regular schedule for coursework.

Motivation: Identifies tangible goals to work towards.

Effective Communication: Willingness to engage with their Coach/Advisor, even when it’s difficult.

Flexibility: Willingness to adapt quickly and tackle challenges.

Self-Directed: Embraces opportunities to work independently and autonomously.

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