Grade K - 12 (Age 5 - 18)

Virtual Makerspace With KiwiCo Crates

  • Provider: DreamLink Learning

  • LMS: Launchpad

  • Mode: Online Teacher-supported

  • Subject: Technology - Computer Technology, Exploring Technology

Do you like to tinker and think by building and making things with your hands? Would you like to unleash your imagination, creativity, or inner scientist to help solve real-life problems? Our Virtual Makerspace With KiwiCo Crates course is a perfect opportunity for you to do just that! In this course, we couple hands-on STEAM projects for the next generation of scientists, artists, & makers from KiwiCo with the five major parts of the innovation process as researched and tested by the DivergeConverge team at BYU.

You have the following themed KiwiCo crates to choose from:

Ages 5-8 Kiwi

Ages 9-16 Doodle, Tinker

Ages 14-18 Eureka, Maker

In addition to the 8 unique monthly Kiwi kits you will receive, this course has an online component with additional activities.

Compared to other My Tech High Tech and Entrepreneurship courses, this course will be much more open and varied based on the random nature of kit themes. There will be flexibility in how students implement the kits.

If you’ve previously taken this course or had a previous KiwiCo subscription, you can still take this course.

Although the course format will remain similar year after year, students are invited to take the course again to continue practicing their innovation skills. You will not receive duplicate crates regardless of theme or past subscriptions, as KiwiCo tracks this information to ensure students have new learning experiences!

Note: This course is only available to students participating in the full-year program.

What you will learn

  • Connect science/technology/engineering/art/mathematics concepts to their everyday lives through the construction of fun and engaging projects that encompass various themes (as determined by the chosen KiwiCo crate theme).

  • Review and learn about the engineering design process

  • Learn about and look for opportunities for innovation using the USERS process (Understand, Shape, Explore, Refine, and Share)

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System Requirements

  • No additional requirements.

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